Nutella Café – Grand Opening in Chicago

Chicago welcomed the first Nutella Café ever! After a two-hour waiting line, here are my first impressions.

I’m not kidding with Nutella. The sweet nuts paste arrived in France more than 50 years ago and it has been the beginning of a sweet love story. Since then French people are the biggest Nutella consumers in the world with 93 000 tons per year, 26% of the world supply! Crêpes and baguettes could be a valid reason. It has been elected for several years in a row French people’s favorite brand. Mine favorite brand for sure!

I’ll tell you a secret, I love spreading my bread with butter and Nutella combo. Believe me you can’t judge if you’ve never tried! 


First impressions after I waited in line for 2 whole hours. The waiting time was rather sweet. Employees were coming quite often to give us free Nutella sticks and hazelnuts cookies covered with Nutella. They also handle you the paper menu, so you have plenty of time to pick your drugs!

You’re amazed when you finally enter the holy place through a Nutella jar-shaped revolving door.  You arrive in front of over loaded bread baskets, and a really inviting showcase featuring muffins, croissants, pies and other delights. Behind the check-out desk, there is a huge table around which all employees are cooking and spreading Nutella. The table reminds me of the family breakfasts. My mind is set: “A buckwheat crêpes, a latte and a warm demi baguette please!”

To be honest, at this point I have been a bit disappointed by the menu itself. I’m used to indulge myself with Dollop Coffee Nutella Mochas during the cold winter afternoons. I was expected a more extensive beverage choice. Same for the sweet snacks: most of them are just fruit cakes with a swizzle of Nutella over it. Not unique creations as you would expect.

I seat outside on a very nice table on S.Michigan Avenue, aka the Historic Mile. The latte arrives pretty soon. Some milk has been spilled all over the saucer, not good for an Instagram post! It’s a shame I have to wait for half-an-hour to get the rest of my order. I am understanding, opening day it is. The buckwheat crêpe is pretty good: a bit too spicy and the egg isn’t gooey enough. It lets room for improvement. Regarding the demi-baguette… Not worth it at all! The demi-baguette is a plain one, undercooked, no taste, heavy dough. And no, a teaspoon of Nutella isn’t enough to keep the demi-baguette in good company. Huge disappointment.


I am probably going back to the Nutella Café. I don’t hold grudge, especially for an opening day. Next time I will probably stay on the basics: Nutella croissant or Nutella crêpe. For the other items, Nutella Bar at Eataly or Mariano’s are way much better!

Last suggestion: I was also expecting a lot of Nutella merchandising or label that you’d be able to customise. There’s nothing close to it. It could be a great addition to the first ever Nutella Café.

Have you ever tried the Nutella Café? What are your thoughts about it?

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