A La Maison Chicago - Garrett Popcorn

Chicago Favorites – Garrett Popcorn

Let’s imagine you only had a few hours to spend in Chicago. It would be a shame and you should definitely come back. But let’s just imagine. What would you do? I, for certain, would rush to the closest Garrett Popcorn shop for a small bag of caramel crisp popcorns!

Garrett Popcorn is a Chicago tradition since 1949. There are now many shops around the city and at the airport where you can satiate your craving. To find them, just follow the delicious smell of fresh popped kernel. Even though the historic location at 10 W Madison St. does no longer exist, I found track of it in the background of a Vivian Maier picture featuring Kirk Douglas. The logo hasn’t even change!

I will always remember the first time I entered the E Ontario location. It was a cold afternoon of February and my first visit to Chicago. We were about to attend a Blackhawks game and I just thought popcorns would be the perfect munchies for the occasion. I followed my Lonely Planet advice – and the delicious smell – to land in the wonderful world of Garrett Popcorn. Obviously, the rookie I was ordered the Chicago mix: caramel crisp and cheesecorn mixed in the same bag. Even tough I am changing my mind, I am still not a great fan of cheese and caramel. Especially because I ended up with phosphorescent orange fingers at the end of the night. But love is messy, right? However, the caramel crisp has been an epiphany. I couldn’t stop myself from eating them!

From then, I have never left Chicago without a few bags of Garrett to bring to my family and friends – it would be to difficult to bring them a slice of deep-dish pizza! And each time I’m going to the movie theatre in France, I am so disappointed with French popcorns… So plain and tasteless!

I know, the caramel crisp are probably full of sugar. But to soothe my conscience, I repeat myself that Garrett Popcorn is non-GMO, preservative free and 110% delicious! That, and a few pilates classes. My conscience is so needy!

Have you ever been to Garrett? How do you like it? Which are your favorites ones?


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