From Paris to chicago

Bonjour ! Pardon my broken english, I have just landed in the Windy City.

I am Anaïs Baccara, a FreALaMaisonChicago_AboutMench woman from Paris who has decided to fly away from home to follow her Italian love and experience new great adventures in Chicago. I brought with me a load of suitcases and my cute cat Roquette (which is the French for “Arugula”). Another thing I couldn’t left behind is my passion for food – especially eating but also cooking. I have dozen of cookbooks and I can’t wait to share with you my own recipes and cooking tips. I’ll always adapt them to available and affordable products you can find in the United States. You’ll see, French cuisine is often easier than you think. Sometimes, you will also bump into Italian recipes – my husband remember? He’s also in charge of all kind of bread recipes and some of the pictures. I couldn’t thank him enough for all the help and support he’s bringing to me in the everyday life.

Being what you call a sweet tooth, my favorite meals are breakfast and goûter (the French version of teatime). It would be my pleasure to grab one with you if you’re heading to Chicago. I am also very curious when it comes to discover new places, restaurants and coffee shop. So do not hesitate to share your insider foodie tips with me.

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